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Welcome to the World of Adventure Raiders (W.A.R) - started 24 March 2010
World Adventure Raiders

WAR is a new guild, where there is room for people who want’s to raid and who wants to be a part of aswell as downing bosses as having fun with the whipes. . The guild is a base for having fun while playing wow. Therefore there is room for almost everyone exept people with a bad attitude. . We are raiding to have some fun. Progress is important, but if there is no fun while doing it we don’t see why it should be done. If you wanna be a part of the raiding you need to be able to raid atleast one times a week. We are raiding icc10 atm trying to get some 25man running. We also have some Pvp, toc,naxx and ulduar runs going for achivements.

Guild is paying for flasks and repairs for Icc raiding.

Why the name?

The Guild is called World of adventure raiders because World of warcraft is a game full of adventure. Many players have seem to forget that, and therefore this guild is mate to keep the adventure and the fun going.

Who can join?

People with good attitude and sence for dedication.

How do I join?
You fill out and apply on this website. Make sure you have around 5k gearscore otherwise no reason for you to apply.

officers have the job to check the people they are officer for in the guild. Check they are raiding - right geared and right gemmed and active.,
AT the same time these officers job is to help you when you need help with your spec-rotation-gemming or enhcnating. They are your guides.
If you have complains about an officers job and how the officer prefurms it then you may send me a note and i will handle the problem.
The other thing is the limit. IF people are offline for more than 2 weeks these officers job is to handle that one aswell.

Beside for all this the officers will still have the assignments they had before.

'The Raider rank
To be a raider you need to prove to an officer or me that you really wanna raid and you know what your doing. You need to have a control about your char so you know what your doing in raids - right gems and so on.

IF you wanna be a raider - You can ask your class officer now and he will give you an answer on that one.

The member rank
The member rank is a rank that show your accepted into the guild. Your a part of us - but not good enogh to be a raider.

Tryout rank

Is for new members. They will get a tryout in the beginning on about 2 weeks. Then the classmaster and I will disguss the person and decide weather he should be raider or member or kicked again.

The raidleader needs to be a GREAT raider himself. He needs to know the tactics out and in and he needs to know how to handle a hole raid. This means he also needs to be aware of guiding people during a fight and have a talent for make people listen to him. He needs to be organised and to be ready for the raids. A raider MUST HAVE a good attitude towards his raiders.
. When you have a class master and you want an upgrade you talk to him/her about that.

Raid days are wendsday saturday sunday and thuesday

If you have a problem with a guildmember you dont argue you contact and officer to find a decent solution.

If you Are writing in guildchat you speak respectfully and nicely to your teammates.

No trolling in whispers to each other in Gchat

Raidrules - If you sign for a raid you meet up 10 min before the raid with a working ventrilo

You dont fake a DC in middle of a raid or leave.

No trolling in raids. Work together as a team.

The raidleader is in charge. End of story.

Guild is runned by:
Nanzen - Foreel - Tunka - Zie - Xanthra

Video of guild -